ABOUT ME...Professor, Scientist, Author, Gardener

Dr. Bathala brings over 15 years of experience in higher education, teaching Ecology and Environmental Sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is currently on the faculty at Rosemont College, and teaches courses in Sustainability and Environmental Studies. An ecologist by training, Dr. Bathala has participated in numerous local and global conservation projects.

Dr. Bathala is a former recipient of the Garden Club of New Jersey scholarship. She is a member of her local garden club and volunteers for coastal conservation projects at the New Jersey shore. Dr. Bathala has continued professional development in the horticultural field and has studied garden design principles and plant sciences at Cornell University and at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University.


As a gardener, professor, and author, Dr. Bathala continues to focus her efforts on increasing the awareness of environmental issues and making science accessible and enjoyable to the public. Her current endeavors involve the development of educational children’s books on conservation and species protection. Dr. Bathala’s 2017 publication Moonlight Crab Count won the Children’s Book Council and Science Teachers Association, Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2018. Dr. Bathala is deeply committed to STEM education, particularly for young women in the sciences.


Dr. Bathala lives in South Jersey and is transforming her half-acre suburban lot into a learning lab. She hopes to continue to use her property to encourage community public education on environmental issues. Dr. Bathala is on the Board of Directors of the Clean Air Council in Philadelphia. She is also on the Board of the Alumni Association of her alma mater, Duke University and serves as a mentor for students in Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment graduate program.