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3/1/24: We are particularly excited to announce that Neeti Bathala has agreed to be our guest on this the first Friday in March of 2024. Dr. Bathala is an accomplished ecologist and educator who focuses on all topics that touch on our ecology and environmental sciences. Dr. Bathala’s personal passion is the subject of, “Citizen Scientists,” like you and me. Currently, she is a Visiting Scientist at Villanova University. Locals may know Dr. Bathala as the author of the very popular, “Moonlight Crab Count,” which illustrates the story of our threatened Horseshoe Crab in such a manner that it is understandable to young readers. Listen in and learn from this extraordinarily knowledgeable woman.



The Other Side” mirrors the goal and content of Mark Allen's Star and Wave newspaper column also called “The Other Side. The program focuses on the issues, news, topics, and people of Cape May’s “other side” which is to say, the harbor side of Cape May. The Other Side airs Friday 1 PM - 2 PM

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Harborside Chats at the Nature Center of Cape May

Harborside Chats are returning to Cape May Harbor at the Nature Center of Cape May. This winter, the Center staff welcomes an interesting variety of guests who will share their knowledge of topics ranging from local lore to scientific studies to marine topics and more. Take a break from your busy day to learn something new. Local experts in their fields will lead a presentation and discussion each Thursday at noon at the Nature Center of Cape May.

WHERE:  At the Nature Center of Cape May, 1600 Delaware Avenue, Cape May, NJ.

1/4/24: Dr. Neeti Bathala is an accomplished educator in the areas of ecology and environmental science, and she is an accomplished author who has published a children’s book called, Moonlight Crab Count. Come out to hear a truly entertaining presentation about a topic important to so many of us.


Cape Island Ocean Festival

NJ Audubon

Nature Center of Cape May

June 17. 2023

10:00AM  -4:00PM

Holiday Artist Marketplace

NJ Audubon Nature Center of Cape May

December 2, 2023

10:00AM  -3:00PM

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